Sometimes a standard consumer list or business list just won’t do. If you have a product that is geared to a specific market, you may need something a little more targeted. TargetLeads® Marketing Leads Lists can help! Ailment Lists, Homeowners Lists with mortgage information, and more! Keep reading to learn more about targeted lead generation.

Voter Database

Over 65 MILLION registered voters available in 20 states by congressional district available to assist you with your next election campaign effort. Within that base, there are approximately 42 million individuals known by their voter party (Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Other/Non-Declared). When used in combination with date of birth and other key lifestyle selects such as “known donor”, you have the perfect combination for election and fundraising activities. You can also combine registered voter information with the known homeowner select to target a specific demographics who are more likely to turn out at the polls on election day.


Owning a home is the American dream. For most families, once the dream comes true, they have to manage ongoing upkeep and improvements to their home. Our Homeowners Insurance Leads list is perfect for reaching over 65 million homeowners in need of products and services for their home. They respond to a variety of offers including lawn and garden, pool equipment and chemicals, home furnishings, insurance, electronic equipment, and more. Select by numerous selections such as: home value, mortgage amount, sale date, sale price, home year built, square footage, roof type and more.

Ethnic / Religion

Different ethnic groups have different interests and lifestyles that warrant culturally targeted offers for travel, foods, telecom products, magazines, newspapers, fundraising, religious offers and more. Ethnic selections also help expand your services to profitable new markets while customizing your message for the best response.

*Available where state privacy laws allow


An individual’s occupation provides insight about interests and activities, disposable income and probable purchase interests. Inferring interests from a job title is a valuable way to target magazine offers, packaged goods, clothing, automobile offers and more. Combining occupation with other demographics provides you with highly targeted segments, and with over 250 occupation indicators, the targeting possibilities are endless. Click here to view a list of occupation selects.

Families with Children

Children influence a large portion of disposable income in a family. Families with young children are perfect prospects for baby items, children’s toys, books, clothing, life insurance, magazines, and even college funding. As they get older, parents with pre-teens and teens are more receptive to offers for computers and video games, cell phones, athletic equipment, clothing, and other trendy offers. Families with teens ages 16-18 are prime targets for car insurance, car accessories, electronic equipment, and college offers.


Our Ailment database is compiled from consumer-reported health data. This permission based data was provided directly by mail-responsive consumers via household surveys. Over 82 million consumers can be targeted with this data for more than 100 aches, pains, conditions and treatments. Consumers with ailments are good prospects for products and services that provide them information or relief. They are receptive to appropriately targeted offers that address concerns about their medical needs. Some company and industry restrictions apply.

Click here to view a list of ailment selects.


Connect with America’s Veterans who served their country in military service. Displaying their loyalty and patriotism in choosing to serve, most spent time in one of the branches of the American military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, or Coast Guard) during their military service. Many devoted themselves to protecting our freedoms, maintaining peace, providing relief or supporting the US around the globe. Along with the sacrifices of military service comes many benefits: training, honor, education, travel, pay and self-discovery, as well as becoming part of a cohesive lifetime community of American servicemen and women. These self reported households contain current or retired military personnel or indicated an interest in military veterans affairs.

Veterans lists are great prospects for: health and life insurance, donations to veteran facilities, donations to injured veterans associations, investments, employment assistance, travel and assisted living.


Personal hobbies and interests often drive consumers’ discretionary income spending habits. Personal interests often give marketers deeper insight into consumers’ spending behavior. If you need to reach computer users who love motorcycling, or fisher man who travel, we have the most comprehensive personal interests database around. Compiled from the largest collection of detailed surveys and product registration cards available, our database is a premier source of consumer interests and hobbies. With information on how Americans spend their leisure time, you’ll target your offers more effectively. Combining these interests can give you even more highly targeted leads. For example, select people who own pets and are charitable donors to reach consumers who are likely to respond to fundraising requests focused on animal well-being.

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