Internet/Data Leads for Health and Medicare

We pride ourselves on providing high quality direct mail leads since 1985.  Now, TargetLeads brings you high quality internet leads for both the health insurance and Medicare insurance markets.  The insurance industry is driven off results so we want to make certain our clients receive quality leads to grow their business with.  Our success depends on YOUR success!  Let us help you increase your sales.

Our team of lead generation experts focus on getting you leads meeting your target market.  We deliver superior, EXCLUSIVE leads for the Health and Medicare insurance industries.  TargetLeads is your trusted source for high-quality EXCLUSIVE, never shared, internet data leads.

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Direct mail
Health insurance (ACA) data leads

We generate health insurance leads daily across the US, and from a variety of consumers. EXCLUSIVE data leads for health insurance with a variety of filters available.  Leads are provided quickly through our CRM software, TL LeadManager.


Over 10,000 Americans age into Medicare daily, and this creates one of the biggest opportunities for insurance agents in years. TargetLeads can provide a consistent flow of suprerior high intent leads for Medicare insurance options.

Why Choose Us?

1. Results-Driven Approach: We are fully committed to delivering measurable results that align perfectly with your business objectives. Every campaign is meticulously tracked and optimized for maximum return on investment.

2. Expertise and Experience: Our team boasts years of experience in insurance marketing—keeping up-to-date on industry trends ensures we stay ahead of the curve while leveraging the latest tools and strategies necessary to keep your brand at center stage.

3. Customized Solutions: We understand that every business is unique. That’s why our tailored approach allows us to craft your internet lead campaigns to perfectly align with your goals, target audience, and budget.

4. Transparent Reporting: Stay in-the-know about every aspect of your campaign’s progress. Our transparent reporting provides real-time data, empowering you to track key metrics, measure success, and make informed decisions.

Don’t miss out on the tremendous opportunities offered by internet leads for Health Insurance and Medicare Insurance. Contact us today and let’s discuss how our exceptional digital advertising solutions can skyrocket your brand to unprecedented success online.


How much are the internet leads?

Minimum order is 20 leads. Medicare leads start at $12 per lead. Health leads start at $15 per lead. Ask about our volume discounts.

Are your leads shared or exclusive?

Exclusive. We currently do not offer shared leads.

What selects can be made for Medicare leads?

You can select by state, any age between 64 and 99, and you have the option to exclude people who do NOT have Medicare parts A & B.

What selects can be made for Health leads?

Any age between 18 and 64, exclude people with certain medical conditions (AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Pulmonary Disease or Stroke), exclude people who are pregnant, narrow by household size (1 to 10), narrow by estimated household income.

Can I target by zip code?

Currently we only offer selection by state. We may offer SCF or Zip in the future.

How are the leads delivered to me?

Leads are delivered through TL LeadManager instantly as soon as a consumer submits the form. If you provide your cell phone number & carrier, you will get a text notification with the lead information.

Are the Medicare leads CMS compliant?

The websites used to generate the Medicare leads are filed with CMS for compliance.

How do you confirm the accuracy of the web leads?

Trusted Form and Jornaya are used to verify each lead submitted.

How quickly will I start receiving leads?

 In most cases, the first leads will come in within hours of the order being placed.

Can I request to not get leads at certain times or certain days?

Yes, we can accommodate any schedule.

How are the leads generated?

Paid google ads run to generate the leads

Can I see what the ads look like?

We don’t share copies of our Google ads.

Why are ACA leads more than Medicare leads?

There are not as many consumers actively seeking Health insurance as there are seniors searching for Medicare insurance. Many under 65 adults have insurance through work.

Can I return bad leads?

 Leads can be returned within 5 days within reason. Example, if the consumer typed in the phone number wrong and they can’t be reached.

What constitutes a “bad lead”?

Leads that have inaccurate phone numbers or email addresses that are returned within 5 days of the purchase date will be eligible for credit. Otherwise, they’re no longer eligible for return credit. Returns are done on an algorithm that considers a few things when determining if it’s eligible for credit, such as the cost of the leads, how many leads are being returned, how much it costs us on the marketing to generate that lead, etc.

What information is captured from the consumer?

Name, address, phone, and email.

Can I see what the form looks like that the consumer fills out?


How will I be able to tell the difference between leads from my mailings and leads from Internet lead orders?

We assign batch names to each order. Internet lead order batches will always start with “WL”