Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and qualified lists of consumers available. These names can be targeted to reach consumers, businesses, agents or anyone in your specific parameters that is most likely to be interested in your product or service. Call us today at (800)723-5254. Our account representatives will give you the service you need and deserve.

With targeted lists of potential customers, you can give your marketing efforts the shot in the arm they need. Using our target mailing lists ensures you’re connecting with those who will be most likely to need or want your services.

Our targeted direct mail lists provide you with information from our verified database of consumers. When the help of our email lead lists and more, you can receive names, addresses and demographic information that will steer your marketing in the right direction. To get started, reach out to us for more details or use the tools provided here.

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Consumer List — We can provide you with access to more than 240 million consumers, with lists segmented by a wide range of demographics.
Business List — Enhance your B2B marketing efforts with business prospecting lists that introduce you to a larger pool of potential customers.
Specialty List — Hone your targeting even further with our specialty lists broken down by occupation, ethnic/religious background and other categories.

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Select your cities/zips, counties or SCF's. Choose names demographically by age, income, dwelling type, gender, marital status, ethnicity, homeowners, etc. Run Your Counts Online or if you prefer call us at (800)723-5254 or email info@targetleads.com and a sales representative will run the counts for you.

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Call in your order, fax it, email it or even use our online list order form - whichever is most convenient for you. Payment is required up front by check, money order or credit card (we accept AMEX, MC, Visa, and Discover).

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