Cost effectiveness may be the only guardrails employed by TargetLeads direct mail team. Beyond that; sizes, shapes, formats and messages are fair game. Over the more than three decades and hundreds of millions of messages we’ve delivered into American mailboxes, we have developed a handful of proven formats that consistently perform. But that doesn’t mean our clients haven’t exited the main direct mail highway from time to time and employed unique mailing packages to successfully meet individual and unique marketing objectives.

We’ll start with our top five most productive formats. (Productive meaning, cost effective in response vs. production and mailing cost.)

Direct mail
Letters in Envelopes

Envelopes may offer you the most flexibility of any practical direct mail package. You can mail a variety of sizes and colors and fill them with as much or as little information as you want. Envelopes carry with them a certain amount of credibility. A recipient who recognizes an envelope may carry a business message, a marketing message or a personal message. All three are acceptable because you care enough to protect your message inside an envelope. An envelope package also permits every form of response device. You can provide a phone number to call or text, a website or QR code to respond online, a business reply card or business reply envelope which provides more privacy for the returning of the reply card. You have the surface of the envelope to broadcast your message before it ever gets open, or you can leave it blank and depend on curiosity to get your prospect inside. Each of these options is available with TargetLeads.

In today’s fast, information overloaded world, postcards are a powerful marketing tool. Despite a few size and shape restrictions from the USPS, you are free to color up and size up to your heart’s desire. Each postcard gets touched and considered, if even for a few seconds. Very little business is conducted traditionally via postcards (renewal reminders, notices, etc. are the exceptions), therefore a postcard doesn’t try to hide its intent of influencing your behavior. Whether it wants you to stop by, drop in, call now, vote, click, visit, download, remember, act now, come by, feel, understand, share, link, like, join, change and yes, even repent. Postcards are fast, affordable, effective, and versatile. Our most common efficient sizes are 4” x 6”, 5.5” x 8.5”, 6” x 9”, 5.5” x 10.5”, and 6” x 11”. Other sizes are available, but the USPS tends to ding them with higher postage rates.
Bi-fold Mailer
Available in single color black or full color, the bi-fold has proven to be an effective tool to deliver a message with a detachable postage paid reply card your prospect completes and returns. The flat size before folding and mailing is 5.5” x 8.5”. The bi-fold allows you to pack a single powerful punch into its compact size.
Jumbo Bi-fold
Our new Jumbo Bi-fold mailer is proving to be a powerful big brother to the bi-fold. Along with its larger presence in the mailbox, it gives you twice the surface area to craft and present your messages. It comes with or without a detachable, returnable postage paid reply card. Its flat size before folding and mailing is a full 8.5” x 11” folding to 5.5” x 8.5”.
Tri-fold and Quad-fold mailers
Crafting your message and utilizing our Tri-fold and Quad-fold provides a smaller detachable reply card but tucks it inside the final folded package. This gives you additional flexibility to provide a reply device and still maintain space for ample message space.
And just for fun
A few uniquely crafted mailers just to demonstrate there is marketing life outside the traditional direct mail guardrails.