What makes TargetLeads® unique is that we simply stick to the two sound business principles of first, providing our clients the most effective marketing programs we possibly can and second, making the experience as effortless and pleasant as possible. Our team understands the market and they appreciate you, the clients we strive to serve. Our people understand your people, helping both to utilize the power of our technology which powers a lead dependent business.

Over the past three and a half decades, TargetLeads has developed and refined the lead generation process in a way unthinkable to other companies. Our foundation is firmly established in the lead generation portion/position of a marketing plan. Planted solidly in direct response, we now maximize the power of direct mail, digital and other targeted communication to effectively put our clients in front of their customers.

Direct mail

Specifically, our clients rely on the TargetLeads team to provide:

Lead/Client Management Tools
Clients integrate their CRM’s with the TargetLeads Lead Management system (TLLM) or rely wholly on our TLLM available at no cost to manage all their leads.
Targeted Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns
Clients meet their customers where they go every single day – their mailbox. Through all the marketing communications’ technological upheavals over the past half a century, direct mail is second only to television in its staying power. Yes, direct mail still works.
Personal Agent Branded Materials
Though it all starts with a lead, many Targetleads clients rely on personalized branded materials to help turn leads into conversations, conversations into relationships, relationships into sales and sales into referrals.
Prospecting Lists
Not only do we manage business and consumer lists for the direct mail we produce, many of our clients take advantage of our consumer lists as great prospecting tools for their own telemarketing or mailing programs!
Digital Asset Management/Integration
Email, banner ads, social media and search advertising complement direct mail. With our ability to target both physical address and now IP address, our clients find the integration of digital media strengthens lead generation efforts.
Turn-key Marketing Programs
With a stable of proven creative packages and custom design/message development, combined with our lists, production, mailing and fulfillment, clients keep working letting our team handle the entire program.
Custom Printing & Mailing Options
Standard is no longer standard. Whether it’s postcards, flyers, brochures, booklets, letters, or even books, we can handle any of your print and mailing requirements.
Award Winning Design and Message Development
You could say, we’ve been around the block. Our team combines unmatched creativity with the experience gained from developing, mailing, and testing hundreds of millions of messages to every targeted audience to craft your message.
Collateral Fulfillment
Offers, giveaways, incentives or product distribution require organized, packaging, and timely shipping. From personalized letters and booklets, to boxed brochures and incentive gifts, our fulfillment center offers complete turnkey production and distribution services.
The industries we serve continues to expand as we illustrate how sound principled marketing strategies cross niches.

Our clients come from some of these market segments:
  • Financial Services including Insurance
  • Not-for-profit
  • Political
  • Service Industries such as: Heating & Air Conditioning, Landscaping, Auto Repair, Salons/Health & Wellness Spas, Fitness, Senior Residential and Medical facilities.
Contact our team members and let us walk you through the opportunities we can help you seize.

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