Lower your cost per lead (CPL) by 20% or more by adding this one thing to your next mailing. 

That’s what the power of Multi-Channel Marketing can do for you! See our Case Study below!

So what IS Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is where companies reach out to customers and potential customers through multiple marketing channels to advertise their products and services. This creates more visibility and credibility as the consumers see the ads across multiple mediums.

Case Study:

One case study we have to the left (click the image to view larger), shows how one client increased their average response rate 58% by adding digital. In November, the client generated a 1.18% response. By adding email, social media and display ads plus retargeting ads, the January mailing increased to 1.83% response. The client’s overall cost per lead was almost $10 per lead LESS. The digital ads were seen over 47,000 times and had over 1,200 clicks. Now THAT’s a successful use of marketing dollars!

Companies also communicate to potential customers with multi-channel marketing through text messaging, email, websites, social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, Google display/search ads. Multi-channel marketing focuses on reaching customers on their favorite platforms.

Leveraging the best technology to reach your prospects through every possible one-to-one digital channel, coordinated online and offline messaging creates trust and credibility and enhances the chances of the consumer responding to your direct mail ad. The consumer sees your ads not only in their mailbox, but across multiple other channels as well boosting brand awareness and ultimately boosting overall response rates.

With nearly forty years of experience in direct mail marketing, TargetLeads can help you dominate that mailbox and maximize your advertising budget. Give us a call or shoot us an email. Let us help create a winning campaign with your next direct mail effort by boosting your response and brand awareness with complimenting digital marketing.

*Note – Minimum requirements make this most cost effective on orders of 6,000 or more names.