Ashley Moffitt

Online Marketing & Support Executive

Jamie Crouch

Production Specialist

Accuracy, precision, exactness, Jamie. Is that redundant? No, it’s just emphatic. Details are vital when millions of pieces of mail generate tubs and tubs of replies. Jamie helps...

Kim Crouch

Production Specialist

Kim gets the mail out for thousands of agents. Each order is accurately processed, proof read for accuracy both in order detail and message content before she gives the nod to prin...

Veronica Acosta

Production Specialist

Getting over millions & millions of pieces in the mail each year takes considerable organizational skills, extensive production knowledge and well earned respect from vendors. ...

Kathleen Mays

Executive Assistant

James Brady


James gets the fact that data, code, programs and technology only matter when they are designed and utilized to make a clients’ work easier, faster and more effective. He gets it...

Rachel Alvarez

Marketing Consultant

Rachel is dependable with strong communication and problem-solving skills who puts her whole heart into her work and family (including all her plants around the house).

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Travis Buck

Marketing Consultant

Travis’s entrepreneurial spirit provides him with a naturally creative instinct and an innovative passion for customer satisfaction making him well-equipped and ready to serve yo...

Marva Shannon

Marketing Consultant

Her patience with clients has resulted in Marva’s developing a keen ability to listen to, understand and effectively guide clients toward successful marketing campaigns.


Jessica Roberts

Marketing Consultant

Efficiency and accuracy best define Jessica’s style of helping clients refine and target their messages to the most productive markets, keeping clients from getting mired in the ...

Kent Merrell

Creative Director

Kent is only happy when he has a cool project to focus his attention. Effective ideas and seeing them help clients meet their objectives is key to his job satisfaction.

Michelle Bardin

Director of Marketing & Comm

With 32 years at TargetLeads, Michelle puts her institutional knowledge, broad experience and personability to work making the purchasing experience for clients effective and pleas...

Mandy Carswell

Director of Operations

New challenges bring Mandy to life. Blending emerging technologies with established systems keeps her pushing, encouraging and pioneering new processes to keep clients out front.

Richard Bufkin


People, with Richard it’s all about the people. By providing them the opportunities, the support and the recognition, Richard has created a team dedicated to the genuine satisfac...