Per Lead Agreement

1. Order and Pricing

Minimum Order: The cost per lead is $50 per lead with a minimum of 20 leads, totaling a minimum of $1,000 per order.
Lead Definition: A lead constitutes any response from a reply card mailed back to TargetLeads or any individual who scans a QR code present on the mailer. No refunds or replacements will be provided for leads that do not include a phone number.
Lead Selection and Mailing: TargetLeads will be responsible for selecting the mailer and defining the criteria for the leads. The client will provide geographical details by county and/or state. All leads provided will be fresh and exclusive to the client, not recycled or duplicated.
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2. Delivery and Timing

Lead Delivery: The client can expect to receive responses approximately 3-4 weeks from the order date.
Order Fulfillment Timing: The campaign will be tracked for a total of 6 weeks starting from the receipt of the first lead.
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3. Overage Handling

Discounted Rate for Overages: Any leads received over the amount ordered will be offered to the client at a discounted rate of 50% off the regular price per lead.
Time to Respond: The client must respond within 48 hours regarding the acceptance of overage leads. Failure to respond within this timeframe gives TargetLeads the right to offer the additional leads to other clients.
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4. Shortfall Handling

Refund for Insufficient Leads: If the total number of leads delivered is under 5 by the end of the 6-week period, TargetLeads will issue a refund for the undelivered leads.
Remail for Insufficient Leads: If the shortfall of leads is 5 or more, TargetLeads will conduct a remail at no additional cost to the client to fulfill the agreed upon quantity.
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5. General Terms

Exclusivity and Non-Duplication: All leads are exclusive to the client and will not be sold to others. No duplicate lists will be provided.
Agreement to Terms: By placing an order with TargetLeads, the client agrees to these terms and acknowledges understanding of the same.
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Submit: Submitting this form is your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. We will retain a copy of this agreement for all future Per Lead orders.