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The full service, turn-key team at TargetLeads help you create your message, target your potential customers, and deliver the business you need.

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Finding Names to Mail

Why mail everyone? We can help you narrow down exactly who to TARGET for your mailing to make the most of your dollars.

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Sending Your Mail

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First Time Buyer - Special Package Pricing

  • Mail our most successful POSTCARD size 8.5 X 5.5. This is the fastest, easiest, most cost effective way to find more customers
  • We will TARGET your exact consumers based on age, income, gender and more
  • CUSTOM design your postcard to be used for this mailing and any future pieces with our design team leaving a lasting impression

3,000 Postcards for $1,800

Regular Cost: $1,900

*includes design, list, print and postage

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So, what makes us special?

We are a woman owned business located in Rockwall, TX, that has been serving national and local companies for 38 years. The individuals of TargetLeads thrive as a team while each filling their own interesting shoes.

Our business may not be unique, but our service is, and we definitely are!

Each member of our team is encouraged to be innovative, find a passion outside of the office and to be themselves every day.

What do we care about?

The texture of lacrosse balls, how a 1/4 turn of the tone knob can throw off the sound of a guitar, the impact the wheel durometer has on your skating, that the right creamer can make or break your morning coffee, our family history and where we've been can impact where we go... Ask us about it and hope we still have some pumpkin spice left.

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